Look, it’s high time we talked about the elephant in the room, Twitch’s Chat Rooms. Infamous for hosting an array of sexy girls just sitting there and talking, they are the hot stuff these days. Whether it be on the bed or in the pools, these girls manage to draw in thousands of thirsty dudes, ready to spread their wallets for the queens. So why do these girls get most of the heat and hate?

Listen, I’ve heard all the arguments from both sides. One side talking about how these girls are borderline turning their stream into an “SFW” Chaturbate, stealing views, and clearly blaming the girls for somewhat exploited the rules Twitch set out. However, as much as you want to blame Twitch and these girls who chose this path, maybe it’s high time you looked in the direction of the viewers. Yep, it’s time to admit it! The sole reason why Twitch has turned into the platform that it is today is because of men. Yes, I mean who else is watching these streams (with the exceptions of course). Most men (specifically simps, beta males, coomers,) demand boobs, and these girls simply supply them. Simple economics!

I mean come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out! If all the men stopped watching these girls that you despise so much and watched girls that are actually playing games as you want them to, they wouldn’t have had the incentive to continue to push the envelope this far!

Guys be real here, WE are the ones enabling the very things we…..well YOU guys, not me to be honest, are complaining about. The same thing with Onlyfans. It’s funny, every day you’ll hear certain groups of men accuse a girl gamer of not being a girl gamer, yet these same guys will tune in to someone like IndieFoxx and donate to have her write their names on her body. We spent so much energy shitting on these girls, calling them all sorts of derogatory things, yet we never just hold the men watching them accountable more. You could say things like, “maybe if these girls didn’t post“…..stop it. Just a girl wearing a turtle neck alone is enough to turn some of your into hateful incels or simps. There’s no winning so they figured might as well make money off it.

I just re-read this blog back and realized that it makes me sound like a simp too lmao, but I hope you’re getting my point. If you want to stop these types of streams (which is impossible btw), don’t watch ’em I guess. For me, I no longer care, actually, I don’t think I ever cared! The only thing that has ever bothered me is Twitch’s enforcement of policies. It’s clearly biased toward their moneymakers, but at least don’t make it so obvious.

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