Ever since the death of George Floyd, we have seen the true color of the mainstream media shine! I am in utter disgust with how they’ve handled the reporting on his death, the protests, the riots in the US and the UK, the play on words, the clear bias and the clear manipulation of the truth! It’s almost as if they want a war among people, to turn neighbors into enemies, friends to foe and an utter distrust among countrymen. And the only way their lies have failed on the newer, younger generation is the liberating technology called the internet!

I wanted to talk about this as I have been observing everything that has transpired over the past few weeks. I have watched and taken notes on how the main stream media have been reporting everything that has been going on vs how the people have been reporting it on the internet. What sickens me the most is how in order to learn the truth of what is happening, you have to turn to social media like Twitter or Instagram rather than trusting that the people at these mainstream media stations would do their jobs with honesty and integrity!

Instead, they’ve chosen to use tantalizing headlines, and hate-fueled titles to invoke anger and animosity towards one another, bending the view to fit a narrative! However, this time things are different. Although they have the older, less educated generation in their grasp, the younger, more tech savy generation are seeing through their bullshit and are using the internet in order to expose their bullshit and fend off any type of brainwashing that has plagued our society for decades!

We’re seeing a change take place this year, a revolution of sort! Yes, I understand that revolution means something different to people, however I can’t see us going back to the way thing are anymore! All I ask now is that you do not watch or follow just one source of news, for that is a trap for you mind! Embrace multiple sources for your own sake! I hate to say it, and I REALLY DO, but Trump might’ve have been right in some twisted way! We’re really are seeing fake news, and at an alarming rate!

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