Despite Geoff Keighley efforts to replace E3 with Summer Game Fest, I have to admit, it’s just not the same like having a whole week, dedicated to just gaming like E3! Without the conferences, the events, the hype from gamers recording their time on the floor, the crowds reaction and everything in-between, it just isn’t the same!

I fully understand that Geoff Keighley’s event is relatively new, however, I can already tell that this is not it. I thought that I would be happy with just getting the trailers, hearing the dev thoughts on it and that be it. However, I quickly realized that I do miss the atmosphere of everyone going crazy online and offline! It wasn’t just about the games but also the community too! I miss that! Also, it was easier to learn about all the games you likely wouldn’t have heard of as well as you await news or info for your favorite game

2020 has been mad depressing, so depressing that if I heard someone claim that they got depressed this year, I’d fully understand! E3 was such a staple in the gaming culture that if Summer Games Fest is to be a thing, it’s gotta replicate that vibe! To give you an example of what I mean, has anyone truly being talking about Summer Game Fest? Aside from first two days when we thought some major heat was about to be announced, there’s been no buzz whatsoever!

After the Playstation event, it just got me reminiscing of what this year E3 could’ve have been! Yeah, yeah Playstation already pulled out way before all this mess, but they would’ve kept it within E3 week at least! It’s as the saying goes,

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