So, who in their right mind steps into a black pond with no knowledge of where it leads? Bruh, that part threw me off. That, and Muzan being a straight up savage. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 7 is the beginning of some great events to come.

Tanjiro continued his fight with the three morphed demons as he’s struggles to land a severe strike while protecting the others. He finally learned that he can rely on Nezuko to fight alongside him when he needs the extra back up. As a demon, Nezuko has all the keen senses and agility of one and on top of that, according to the morphed demon, she’s much stronger that an average morphed demon. So the more fight Tanjiro exposes Nezuko to in the future, the more she’ll improve over time. Hopefully, Tanjiro picks up on this too and allows for Nezuko to join in on the low tier demons hunts.

Now when Tanjiro went into the black hole which led to a swamp, I was confused and baffled as hell. I mean, that move could have completely backfired on him hadn’t he had gone through the training that he did in the forest. Now, I might chuck it to his keen sense of smell, that somehow Tanjiro knew that the swamp like dimension that was safe for him to dive into but that’s still a reach on my end.


Now the most interesting part came when Tanjiro questioned the demon on the whereabouts of Muzan Kibutsuji. As soon as he hears the name, he cowers in fear. As it turns out, he was threatened by Muzan Kibutsuji prior to conceal his whereabouts or anything revolving him. If the demon where to speak about him, he’d find out. That already sets the premise for what type of demon this Muzan Kibutsuji might be. In the end, he wasn’t able to learn anything from the demon. Nevertheless, he didn’t have to wait long to run into Muzan Kibutsuji himself in the city. Now, the twist here is that this high demon has a human family that he “cares” for and that threw Tanjiro for a loop. Heck, me too to be honest.

I mean, this demon has a family yet goes around and creates demons that kill other people and their family. Messed up if you ask me, but makes want to learn more about this guy, his agenda and motives.

The best part of this episode was the fact that Muzan Kibutsuji just casually creates a demon right in front of Tanjiro in a bid to lure Tanjiro away from his supposed family. At least we know how he makes them. He’s like a mix of a Vampire and a werewolf when you think about it. A kingpin of both worlds. To be fair, he could have killed him on the spot but he didn’t. Yeah, shit just got interesting as hell.

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