So I watched that trailer for Batwoman and well, it went about as much as I expected from today’s progressive media.

I think what’s amazing here is the irony that took place in the trailer. The line that Kate Kane said about how she’s not going to let a man take credit for the work of a woman was pure poetic when you realize that every tool she’s been using in the trailer was made by a man. She’s taking credit for Bruce Wayne’s years of research and investments into building the tools she has today. That’s it! That’s my favorite part of this trailer, that line alone sold it for me.


Joking aside, I’ll keep it 100 with you guys, I actually don’t care too much about the Arrow-verse or any of the CW’s shows, (aside from the early days of the Flash). I went into this trailer, saw what they had to offer and decided to peacefully move on. It didn’t look too bad (the virtue – signaling is to be expected at this point), but clearly I’m not the target audience here so I’ll leave it at that. Just thought I’d share my thoughts on it since it is revolving around comic book heroes. Heck, I “might” check out the first episode  just to give it a fair shake, but I doubt I’ll like it much. I don’t know much about Batwoman in the comics but from the encounters I’ve had, she didn’t come across the way this CW counter-part did. If you’re familiar with this character, let me know if they did her justice!

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