So after months of speculation, the design for Sonic the Hedgehog in the upcoming movie, Sonic Movie has been leaked. And you know what, it’s not has bad as I feared.


To be completely honest, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. That silhouette poster really invoked the worst fear in everyone when it was first revealed. However, after seeing this design, I ain’t mad at all. Sure, they could have tried to stay closer to the real design of Sonic, but after seeing how some Pokemon ended up in Detective Pikachu, I feel like they did the best that they could.

Then again, when you see comparison of the movie Sonic and game Sonic, it’s becomes damm near impossible to accept.

Credit: @LadyGT_DA
Credit: @LadyGT_DA

The pose of him holding the ring looks fine, but that Sonic 06 pose leaves much to be desired. I mean, why not give gloves? Why remove his iconic shoes? Why shrink his eyes? There’s so many questions that makes you wonder, did they even care to stay true to the character?

What are your thoughts on these designs for the movie (if they’re real of course)!

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