I wasn’t aware of this but it seems that The Saga of Tanya the Evil is in fact getting a movie in 2019. And from the looks of things, KADOK AWAanine is going all out with the animation and I can’t wait to see it.

Here’s a rough translation for the premise of the movie:


Unified calendar year 1926.
Lieutenant Tanya von Degrechaf, the Imperial Army’s 203rd air magic battalion, conquers the campaign against the remnants of the Republican Army on the Southern Continent.

They were expecting a triumphal holiday, but what they had in the home country was the special staff of the staff headquarters.

“There are signs of massive mobilization near the federal border”.
Before the awakening of a new giant, the pretending Imperial Army naturally expands its warfare … … as time goes on, the Union Kingdom-led Multinational Voluntary Army steps in the Federation.

The enemy of the enemy is a dear friend.
There were one girl among them who were guided by the national reason and traced in a fateful fate.

Mary Sue Warrant.
Asking for justice against the empire who killed the father, she takes a gun.

I really enjoyed the anime so I’m excited to see this movie in action.

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