I honestly tried my best to avoid talking about this whole Soulja Boy console dilemma thing as I thought it would all die down the moment it caught wind. I mean, when I heard about Soulja Boy came out and said he’s working on his own consoles, I took a look at it and immediately thought this was some type of joke and moved on. I mean, you’d have to be pretty dumb to pay $399/$199 for an emulator that’s emulating licensed games that he does not own the rights to use. Alas, people did buy it and now, there’s a whole debate on whether or not it’s a scam (spoilers, it is a scam), and if it’s racist to undermine a black entrepreneur’s “hustle”. Yeah, let’s talk!


So Soulja Boy has launched what he calls the SouljaGame line, which includes both a console and a handheld. Now, if Soulja Boy wanted to enter into the gaming industry, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s an admirable thing and anyone would support him as long as he’s invested the time and research needed to be remotely successful in this intensely competitive market. However, that’s not what happened here. Soulja Boy decided to blatantly re-sell bootleg consoles from China to his impressible fans for a ridiculous price. Naturally, people called him out on it, as with a small amount of research, one could easily see that he mass purchased a Chinese bootleg hardware and slapped his name on it and is selling them at a markup price.

Soulja, despite been threatened BY NINTENDO to shut his shit down, has taken it upon himself to go on Twitter like a professional and attack everyone for voicing out their opinion of his rip off consoles. This started a debate on whether or not people are ripping into Soulja Boy because he’s black and trying to enter into the gaming scene and all that nonsense.

No! It’s because he’s selling a scam and will most likely go to jail for it. This has nothing to do with his race whatsoever. The irony to all of this is that Soulja Boy himself has retweeted articles that have blatantly called him out for his scam, which begs the questions on whether or not he’s serious with all of his console business.

All I can say is that for the people who’ve both a Soulja Boy product, for shame! Will see how Soulja Boy feels once Nintendo sends out the ninjas to “eliminate” him. Hoever, the REAL mystery is the people who actually bought the console. Are the oblious to the truth? Supporting him because he’s Soulja Boy? Or is it for the meme culture? Honestly, all three sound about right!

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