GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 10 – Dozing really captures the feel of its title, by that I mean, I almost dozed off watching this weeks’ episode. I don’t mind set ups in anime but with Goblin Slayer, it feels like they’re setting up for something nearly every so episode. Here’s hoping the pay off is worth it.

So while the Goblin Slayer was doing his routinely check up on his friend’s barn, the Hero and her squad faced off against the Demon King in an epic showdown for the fate of the world. I’m really getting sick of seeing these moments in the anime, like I want to see the fight too you know. Alas, we got more slice of life action with the Goblin Slayer reflecting on his past and his future. It seems he too wanted to become a Hero but after losing his sister, he settled to been an adventurer and tasked himself the duty of forever slaying goblins.


Now that the Demon King has been slain, I wonder how this will impact the world. I know many are expecting a time of peace but I feel like this may be the beginning of something crazy that only the Goblin Slayer can handle. Look, all I want is some fight scenes really, I’m a simple guy.  This slice of life things aren’t my cup of tea unless I actively seek them out.

Anyways, aside from all of that, the last part of the episode holds some promise of an epic goblin smiting action, as all of the Goblin Slayer’s check up have paid off. Looks like he’ll have to relocate his friend to a new spot. So far, we’ve gotten one good episode and one boring one, back to back. Hopefully, that will soon change.


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