In the old days, it’s well established that Vegito was always the stronger fusion, however now that Gogeta is canon things have changed. A recon took place over the weekend which saw a drastic change to how both fusions now function and I want to talk about it.

In a recent scan of Shonen Jump, it was stated that Gogeta now slightly edges over Vegito in terms of raw power. Even though the Potara earrings provides a stable fusion, their raw output of strength falls far lower than that of Gogeta. They also added that since the Potara earrings fusion can last much longer that Vegito, it gives that fusion the edge over the Fusion dance 30 minute limit.

When I first heard about this new recon, I was confused. It was always stated that the Potara earrings was the stronger fusion. However with the new explanation, I can kinda see why they would say that.


According to Vados, the Potara fusion creates a new body and personality greater than the sum of the two individuals and increases their power by “tens of times”, while the fusion dance creates a superior being whose power is multiplied several-fold over that of the individual fusees. Furthermore, in comparison to the Potara, its counterpart method of merging, the Fusion Dance is stated to allow the resulting warrior to draw out their power to the greatest extent due to being more balanced.

Which would make sense seeing how as when Vegito Blue tried to reach maximum power output it disrupted the fusion, while Gogeta will more likely be able to push himself even further without the need of concern of de-fusion. So there you have it! Gogeta for raw power and Vegito for longer battle. Let me know your thoughts on this matter, do you agree?

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