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Dragon Ball Super is the talk of the town. After they released two more trailers both featuring more action scene and the unveil of THE BOY, Gogeta, one has to wonder, what actually constitute too much marketing.

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If you ask me, I feel like Toei is showing too much at this point, there’s no arguing that anymore. Gogeta could’ve been left out completely and it would’ve been an amazing surprise to see it in theaters. Of course, we have those who’ve made the argument that since Toei made it public, it can’t be considered spoiler. Nah! Sometimes, companies can go overboard and this is one of them. Plus, it’s really damm hard to avoid watching these trailers when people on EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA decide to upload it on their platform. Heck, Gogeta was trending on Twitter and Facebook. There was no avoiding it.

At this point, it feels like we’ve seen all the best parts of the movie. Anyways, since I’ve seen the trailer I might as well share my thoughts on it. That Gogeta Blue trailer was single-handily the greatest thing I have ever seen as a Dragon Ball fan. I am so glad they went with that animation style, it really helps hype things up. Gogeta will easily be everyone’s favorite fusion after the movie, surpassing Vegito! What do you guys think? I can’t be the only one who think that a lot of the movies action scenes have been spoiled right?

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