The sheer fact that I’m writing this already pisses me off! How in God’s good name did the discussion of Orcs being the fantasy version of Black people even come about? Actually don’t answer that, I already know the answer to that.

Ugly, warlike, and malevolent! Apparently, when people think of these words, in a combination with an Orc, it means they’re talking about Black people. You know what other ethnicities can fall into this category if we all wanna be fucking racist. Any European tribe that once excited hundreds of years ago where these fantasy stories are usually based. Oh, you can throw in Asians too. I’m sure you can find tribes in their community that fit the bill. Every facet of humanity literally has a tribe that one could associate orcs to, EVERYONE. INCLUDING White people.

If you’re not catching my point. ANYONE TRIBE FROM ANY RACE CAN LITERALLY BE COMPARED TO ORCS IF YOU TRYING HARD ENOUGH TO BE A PIECE OF SHIT. The Romans once considered Germans to be ugly, warlike, and malevolent, Han Chinese felt the same way about literally everyone beyond the Great Wall to be ugly, warlike and malevolent barbarians. Not everyone negative trait in a fantasy setting has to be about or connect to Black people.

Stop it with this Orcs are Black people bullshit! Lowkey, if you see orcs and you’re thinking of a race to associate it with, man you should take a hard look in the mirror mate, cause you might fucked in the head. What’s next? Are we gonna say aliens look like Asians now? Be better folks!

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