Black Sands Entertainment, the popular independent black content developer in the nation (USA to be precise) has successfully raised $1 million in funds through Wefunder, making it the first of its kind to do so!

Black Sands Entertainment is a black-owned production and publishing company that focuses on Pan-Africanism and Kemetic lore for children of all ages. The brand was launched in 2016 to fill a void in the comic book community that lacks diversity in its production, characters, and storytelling.

The owners, writer, and military vets Manuel Godoy along with his wife Geiszel Godoy have created children’s books, novels, and animations that focus on African mythology as black heroes, and Black Sands Entertainment aims to promote quality art, diverse storytelling while highlighting traditional family values for people of color.

The creator and founder took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement!

Currently, the company is working on several original works, including animation for their flagship title Black Sands, The Seven Kingdom, and is signing creators left and right for their upcoming platform! I look forward to seeing everything play out!

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