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Another day, another indie project to highlight! This time we got a graphic novel called NANI, an epic fantasy comic about two sisters who find themselves transported to a magical world inspired by African myths and legends.

Here’s the sypnois:

At its heart, Nani is a story of sisterhood in the face of adversity. The story chronicles the lives of two sisters who, in a moment of peril, are transported to a magical world full of danger, magic and mystery. They soon find themselves embroiled in a conflict between several warring tribes and, with no route back home in sight, the sisters are left with a single choice: adapt to this new and bizarre world, or perish.

As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s inspired by African mythology so if you’re into Avatar or Lords of the Rings, then this might be your cup of tea!

This is in fact their second volume, and it was so successful that they decided to follow it up with volume 2! And if you support their Kickstarter, you get the first digital volume absolutely free!

SIDE NOTE: My debut light novel Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality! preorder page has gone up! If you’re into things like Fullmetal Alchemist, HunterXHunter, or Naruto then this light novel is right up your alley! You can pre-order it now on Amazon Kindle, and if you do please leave a review when it comes out!!!!

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