If you’re keeping up with the Dragon Ball Super manga, then you’d know that it’s setting Vegeta up to likely be the one to take Moro down. I mean, if that doesn’t happen, then you can throw the whole manga away. Anyways, one thing I wanted to talk about is what Vegeta’s next power up should be and what I don’t want it to be, which is ultra instinct.

I feel like him achieving ultra instinct would be an underwhelming build-up to his mastery of spirit control from the Yardrats. We saw how just learning a portion of spirit control enhanced his simple finger beam to become a massive energy wave, so imagine what that kind of spirit control would do to his Super Saiyan and God Ki transformation. It would honestly be a waste to have him go and acquire Ultra Instinct as that would be a slap in the face of all that training in my opinion. I honestly don’t think his hair should even change colour, but since this is Dragon Ball and selling merch is part of it, we will likely see a new colour variation of his new Saiyan transformation.


Given that Goku fights while trusting his instinct to some extent, it would be more suited if Vegeta acquires a new form that plays well with his character of rigidly controlled focus, in a sense, creating a brand new form that only he can achieve. A spirit control form transformation that truly represents Vegeta’s new path to achieving a power away from chasing Goku. Heck, it could be a slick way to introducing Super Saiyan 4, without calling it that. In regards to how the Yardrats have been commenting on how Vegeta’s control on Spirit control is much more refined than Goku’s, I’m expecting big things from him come his rematch with Moro.

That’s my opinion on this arc. Of course, with the way things are going in the manga, I truly hope we see Vegeta finally be the victor and bag himself a major villain. I mean, we have Goku coming back from training first, something we haven’t seen happen since the Cell Saga, so if Vegeta shows up to the fight with Moro and still loses to him, then I will call it the biggest blunder of an opportunity to date. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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