Well, this is a rather “controversial” topic that I wanted to talk about. As of late for me, it’s getting kinda difficult to find good anime to watch. I’ve been pondering this question for quite some time now. So I wanted to share it will you all and see your guys perspective on it.


When I started watching anime almost 12 years ago, I was impressed by literally every single anime that I came across. I mean, back then I was watching anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and more. Back then, I hadn’t acquired any taste or standard for anime. If the anime had a fight scene, I’m there! Over the years though, as I watched more and more anime or different genres like Death Note and KonoSuba , I began to notice a pattern when it came to my watching anime habits.

I started to see flaws in anime. It’s like I had awoken the byakugan and could see through anime in ways I hadn’t been able to before. I had now acquired a nose for good anime vs bad anime, something that was completely foreign to me growing up as an anime fan. I became more aware of tropes, gimmicks, animation quality, poor narrative/story and started judging anime more harshly. Simply put, as I began to have less time to watch anime, my criticism and tolerance became sharper. I didn’t want to waste my time watching below average anime anymore. I wanted to watch only exceptional anime. Anime that pushed the envelope and really performed well. This is were I started to notice the sea of not so great anime.


I mean this will not apply to everyone as everyone has their own standard for anime, however for me, the more I consumed anime, them more my standard was raised. I’ll use last year as an example. There were only a handful of notable anime that came out that year that I would say were great and worth recommending. Most anime visuals have started to look the same to me now and the Isekai trope has really gotten popular (I’m still a fan but even I gotta admit it’s crazy). Make not mistake, I’m not shitting on any anime, we all have our own taste in anime and there’s plenty out there for everyone. I’m just expressing how I feel with the selections we got last year. Maybe that’ll change with 2019 but it really feels like the anime genre hasn’t evolved the way I hoped. It really takes one amazing anime to make you see the genre in a new way.

That’s just one guy’s opinion. Let me know your thoughts on this.


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