The first episode of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND episode 1 dropped today and well, I can’t say much yet but the premise has definitely caught my interest. I can see why y’all have been hying up this anime.


The only thing I knew going into this anime was that the community has been raving about it for weeks now, and now I can see why. The episode started out light. We see Emma, Ray and Norman, along with the rest of the kids having an eventful time. Playing, eating and just having fun. I knew shit was about to go down after seeing that much happiness in Emma’s eyes.

We’re told that the three aforementioned kids are among the top intellects of the groups, with each having a unique trait about them that makes them unique. It didn’t take long for the kids to start asking questions about what was on the other side of the gate and why they’ve never seen the outside world.

It wasn’t long that one of the kids was picked to be sent away from the orphanage. See, this is where things gets interesting. As it turns out, these kids are nothing more that herds of sheep on a farm, been grown to be fed to these monsters to be eaten. I was under the impression that it would be adult humans who ate these kids, however I hadn’t anticipated actual monsters. Now I have more questions than ever. Also, what was that rose that pierced that little girl? Did it suck out that little girls life-force or something? I wasn’t expecting to see that to be honest.


Emma and Norman make they’re escape after narrowly been caught by one of these monsters. However, Emma made that typical mistake of leaving evidence of their presence behind. 

The anime ends on a cliffhanger with the Mom finding out that one of the kids Has been made aware of their reality. I honestly can’t wait to see how this will all play out. This can and mouse game is about to be unreal. Norman’s suggestions of using strategy was something I was expecting but now that Mom knows, she’s going to be more uptight with these kids, in which I presume is where Emma and Ray come in with their adaptability and tactician mindset. Not sure if anymore of these kids will chime in and help out but if not, this going to be the toughest “escort mission” ever.

Animation wise, it was good. Nothing too spectacular if I’m being honest. I really liked the facial expressions of both the kids and the Mom at the end of the episode for I know I’m for a treat when things pick up in the anime. The opening was fire though, I will say that and the OST was great too. Overall, I’m really excited to be following this anime and I hope that you guys are looking forward to my reviews in the future.

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