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Microsoft Needs To Ensure Their New Xbox Scarlett Has Plethora Of Exclusive Games On Its Side If They Hope To Not Repeat Their Past Failure!

With the next generation soon upon us, a lot of us are excited for the PS5 & Xbox Scarlett and maybe even the Nintendo Switch Pro, however my only question that I have for this next gen is this, is Xbox finally ready to compete on an even playing field with Playstation in 2020? Because less face it, Xbox was irrelevant this gen. Facts!

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Are We Truly Ready For Next Generation Of Gaming To Be Entirely Based On Streaming?

Word on these cyber-streets is that the next gen console “may” in fact be on they way and could be the ones to usher in a new era of gaming, but are we ready of this change? No seriously, are we REALLY ready to have our entire gaming experience be in the hands of companies that have a monthly maintenance downtime?