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Now Is The Time For African Game Developers To Take Charge & Create AAA Games Based Around Africa’s Bountiful Cultures, History & Mythology!

You know, with games like Ghost of Tsushima, Conquers’s Blade, Anno 1800, The Witchers, Red Dead Redemption and Total war: Three Kingdoms, they all share something in common. All of these games are based on strong cultures from various countries/continent. Themes that we’ve seen, time and time again.

However, when I tried to think about games based around the continent of Africa, aside from the fantastic game that was Assassin’s Creed Origins, nothing came up. At first, I was kinda bummed out as usual, but now I felt like this might be a great opportunity for the booming video game industry in Africa to capitalize on this untapped gold and turn it into asset.

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Creativity In Gaming Is Been Stifled By Journalism & The Current Political Climate!

I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed that games these days are being shaped by what how the media, particularly by gaming journalism. After the reaction to Sekiro’s difficulty and other indie games been blasted for their different takes in story-telling, one has to wonder if gaming is still as free as we all like to think?

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I Don’t Like Early Access Pre-Orders! I Think They’re A Scam!

Pre-order Early Access has been growing in popularity over these last few years, with more and more game publishers participating in it. At first it was nothing much, maybe at most you’ll get a day early and that’s it. However now I feel like this could open up doors that could potentially lead to them abusing the system, if they haven’t already.

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Do “Hype Beast” YouTubers Stifle The Overall Quality Of Games & The Gaming Industry?

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now and I know that this blog may not sit well with some people out there but I wanted to discuss the effects of YouTubers who’s sole purpose is to just “hype up” games with criticism can have on the overall quality of the the product.

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How To Improve Gaming Journalism In 2019! Or Can It Even Be Improved?

Gaming journalism has being the butt of the joke in the gaming community. No one respects the art anymore, and for good reasons. What was once a medium used to tell news in an objectified manner and to inform the public of any relevant information and news that may be of use to them, has now turned into this…this, for lack of better word, a fucking dumpster fire. Of course it’s easy for me to call out the flaws of anything but what I wanted to do is discuss how we can fix this narrative as a community.

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Have Video Games & Gamers Become Soft?

Over the years, I’ve been pondering the state of video games and whether or not, we as a gaming community, have gotten soft. What I mean by this is, games that show a moderate level of difficulty immediately gets labeled “Dark-Souls like” by almost every gaming media journalist out there and I feel like this has gotten outta hand. Yeah, some of them are for the MEME but most of them are serious.