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J.K. Rowling “Trans” Opinions Really Opened My Eyes To The State Of Our Society!

J.K. Rowling made a comment, to which once upon a time would have been common knowledge. Only Women menstruate! To be more precise, only women who are born women can and will menstruate. This statement, should never be controversial to any degree. It is observable, has always been observable, and since the dawn of man itself, has never changed! However, that’s not what kinda irked me by the backlash that J.K. Rowling received. What irked me the most is that she couldn’t even voice her own opinion without being attacked, not debated but attacked!

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The Doomed Reality Of Being A Content Creator! In Order To Succeed, You Need Patience & Humanity Otherwise It Will Kill Your Business!

As someone who’s being a content creator for quite some time and has observed a lot of content creators over the years in order to better myself, I’ve picked up on a trait that no matter the circumstance, will always lead to a creators downfall. It’s something that a lot of creators seem to fall into without realizing and by the time they do realize it, it becomes too late. After that, they begin this unholy journey to climb this seemingly impossible mountain of recovery, in which only small margin succeed in reaching the top. What I’m talking about is of course is repetition. This holds even more true if you consider yourself a gaming channel.

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Kanye West Makes A Game As A Tribute To His Late Mother & The Internet Hates It

So during the debut for his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection and his new album, The Life of Pablo in New York, Kanye shared a trailer of the game he has been working on titled Only One: The Game, which pretty much shows his mother going into heaven. We know next to nothing besides what was shown in the trailer. However the internet as it turns out already hate the game and the reasons are plain dumb…..