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What I Have Learned In My Journey Of Been A Small YouTuber & How My Experience Could Help You Make A Better Start

I have seen a lot of blogs and articles out there that give tips and suggestions on how to start a YouTube channel and to succeed at it. Most of the tips all have a similar ring to them but hold merit to what they say. As you may or may not know, I too also have a YouTube channel that I am currently growing and I always wanted to share my experience on the process of creating my channel, all the things that I had to learn and what’s it like been basically the “underdog” aka a small YouTube amidst the thousands, if not millions of other channels out there. What I hope is that, from this blog, you will learn something from me that might help you grow even further beyond. Don’t worry, I’ll and keep it short…..

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How To Successfully Have Fun Debates About Anime

Everyone loves a good debate, its a chance to formally present an argument that you are passionate about in a disciplined manner through logical consistency and factual accuracy of the topic at hand. However most people don’t seem to understand this concept and thus fail at it. I’m here to give you some tips on how to properly debate about anime related subjects without it becoming a straight up flame war…