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Historical Accuracy/Authenticity & Narratives Debate In Gaming When It Comes To Diversity – Why Is This Such A Difficult Subject To Grasps For Most People?

Gaming in my opinion is a media that opens up a whole new way of telling stories that movies and books simply can not match. Despite the news media, government, and practically everyone who’s never played a game in their life constant assault on this media due to their lack of ignorance on the topic, many just see it as a past time. I mean, the latter part is true, it is a past time that many enjoy but it can also teach people new and foreign things they otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. For a while now, I’ve come across videos and blogs of people attacking several games for not including a certain gender or race in a particular setting and I often wonder why people can’t seem to use their heads and logically think about why a game may lack a certain group of gender, race etc.