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Why Are Fans So Outraged Over Joel’s Death In The Last Of Us 2?

Guess we’re finally here! The Last of Us 2 has been released to the world, and the context that we were promised is now accessible to everyone! Yet, the anger and hate for “THAT” scene with Joel has reach an unprecedented height! Why is that? For those that are wondering, I’ll tell you! Spoilers ahead!

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Last Of Us 2 Leaked & Reveals Massive Story Spoilers! However, The Alleged Cause For This Leak Is More Interesting!

One of the most, and I mean THE most anticipated games by PS4 gamers is Last of Us 2. So when the game was delayed indefinitely due to novel coronavirus, it didn’t sit with many fans. So you can imagine how they must feel now with major leaks about the story making rounds online, with so sight as to when the game might be released. We’re talking actual cutscenes, details about game modes, which consequently confirms an early leak about the game. However, it’s how the leak came about that made it that much more interesting.