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With Kyle Larson Joining The Infamous Club, The Trend Of Streamers Using The N-Word Is Getting Comical At This Point!

So yet another streamer decided to drop the N-word, with the hard R mind you and gets his career shutdown. However, this one is especially funny to me because it comes from Kyle Larson, an American race car driver of Japanse decent who the face sort of for Diversity’s Drive for Diversity (D4D) in his career.

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Why Are Game Developers Removing Their Games From Nvidia GeForce Now? Are They Really Just Greedy Devs?

So a few days ago, we started hearing game developers remove their games from Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service. Many found it odd since Nvidia isn’t necessarily profiting off these games directly, but instead offers a way for players to play their already established library of games from Steam. So why the sudden pullback?

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Online Live Streaming Is Not A Healthy Career Path!

Now, some might say because I don’t partake in the Twitch streaming endeavor, I shouldn’t be voicing my opinion on this matter, but I feel like I have to in this case as I’ve seen more and more people risk their health and well-being for a unstable career path that will ultimately lead to pain and suffering. And making it seem like this pain being endured is a good thing, neglecting the ramification to one’s health.