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This Disney/Sony Deal Over Spider-Man Is Very Interesting & JC Lee Speaks Out In Support For Sony!

So the world of movie comics is in a bit of shook over the whole Disney/Sony ordeal, with most of the fans blaming Sony for being greedy. However, like all things in life, not everything is as black and white as they want you to think!

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This Trend To Defame Stan Lee’s Name In Order To Make Spider-Man/Peter Parker Bi Is Quite Frankly Toxic In Nature!

Alright, I held off from talking about this for a while as I felt that this wasn’t such a huge deal at the time. I thought that this was just that small minority making a bad case for why Peter Parker should be Bi in the MCU, because Tom Holland’s apparently and allegedly gives off that vibe and said something abut a Bi Spider-Man at some given point. The usual in this day and age! However, when it gets to a point that they’re willing to defame Stan Lee’s name to further their agenda, now that a bit too much.