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We Deserve A Sonic 06 Remake To Amend The Sin Of The Past!

With the last few years of gaming heavily focused on remakes and remastered, and with more to come, there’s one game that I feel desperately needs a remake, and it’s one that people will either heavily agree or disagree with me on, and that is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, aka the infamous Sonic 06.

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The Mysterious TOP SECRET Sonic “Racing” Game: Is Sonic R Making A Return?

SXSW took place a couple of days ago and to be quite honest I didn’t have much hype for it. They announced a couple of things that are cool but for the most pretty bland. However, there is one thing that might be interesting if done right and that is the ” Top Secret” Sonic game which all signs clearly point to it been Sonic Racing.

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The Future of Sonic The Hedgehog – Where Does The Sonic Games Go After Sonic Forces?

In January 13 2016, I wrote a blog titled, Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Is SEGA’s Last Chance To Prove To Us That The Blue Blur Ain’t Dead Yet (Gaming Wise), in which I discussed the importance of Sonic’s latest title needing to do well in order to confirm to the masses that Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t out for the count yet. Fast forward to November 7th 2017 and Sonic Forces ended up being mediocre  as hell, while Sonic Mania ended being one of the best games released in 2017. So what happened?