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PS5 Has Already Secured Its Victory!

Hate to call it but it is what it is! This “console war” has already been won! Sony seems to be more adamant to just move on and focus on the future, meanwhile Xbox is insistent of trying to please everyone! PS5 has made it clear that focusing on creating brand new, exclusive next-gen games that gives you a reason to invest in a PS5! This is why when given the choice, most average gamers that can only afford one console will likely pick up the PS5!

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The PS5 Controller’s Microphone Might Be Problematic! As In, Invasion Of Privacy Problematic!

Alright, so we all saw the new PS5 controller. The default color, in my opinion, is ugly but the overall design of the PS5 controller actually looked really cool. And after seeing the dozen fan colour schemes on the internet, the potential is there. I thought there wouldn’t be anything worth talking about until I heard about the built-in microphone. That one had me concerned.