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IGN’s Wrong! Sonic The Hedgehog Movie NEEDS To Succeed! There’s More At Stake Here Than We Care To Admit!

With less than three weeks to go until the Sonic movie premieres on Feb 14th, fans across the world are eagerly anticipating to see if whether or not this video game movie will live up their own expectations. However, whether the Sonic movie does well or not is entirely a different subject, I’m here to discuss why this movie needs to succeed, so that it sets a standard for Hollywood going forward.

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Sonic The Hedgehog aka #SonicMovie Looks Incredibly…Concerning! And That’s Me Putting It Lightly!

So the first image, or silhouette of the blue blur’s new big picture movie poster came online today, and along with some new information, my reaction to this is simply – oh my God someone please tell this is a off season April fools joke because that’s not the Sonic I know! #SonicMovie is looking to be a straight up mess to be honest!