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Hollywood Needs To Start Learning To Respect The Fans, Not Belittle & Insult Them!

I think one of the most prominent things to have come from this decade alone is the constant back and forth between the folks at Hollywood and the fans. After what Henry Cavill said in his interview, I wish many more within that industry would take his word and practice it.

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Warner Bros Has Disinvited Interview Press From ‘Joker’ Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere! Guess They’ve Had Enough Of The Overblown BS!

Well, this has gotten way out of hand. Warner Bros. Entertainment has now restricted access for print and broadcast journalists from the red carpet at the upcoming U.S. premiere of “Joker.” All because these people aka journalist could not stop making headlines about how “dangerous” a fictional character might be to the “fragile minds of the American citizen” who may be incapable of discerning reality from fiction.

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Alita: Battle Angel Doesn’t Look As Bad I Was Led To Believe!

So, I’ve been aware of this Alita: Battle Angel movie for sometime now, and I never ever once thought about checking it out. I think one of the main reasons behind it was the negative reception I came across when it came to the eye design of the character. I don’t know how, but somehow I interpreted it as the movie might not be good, so I stopped paying attention to it. However, after watching this new trailer and going back to the previous trailers, I clearly must have been tripping because it honestly doesn’t look that bad. In fact it looks dope!