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The Deception Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Historical Event & The Hypocrisy Of Some Gamers!

You know, just yesterday I praised the game for its epic and immersive story-telling, now I’m here to point out flaws and deception on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the hypocrisy that many have shown in defence of this game. History is always told by the victors of war and so, manipulation of it is a sin that cannot be forgiven. And this game isn’t helping with it.

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Here’s What I’d Like To See In The Upcoming Age of Empire IV!

Many of you may not know this but I’m a huge fan of the Age of Empire series. The amount of hours I’ve spent as a little nerd playing Age of Empire in my old PC was unreal. My summer was literally sent building the perfect empire, waging wars and learning about all the historical figures and the marvelous achievement of various nations spanning across time. With Age of Empire IV in the horizon, there’s a lot I’d like to see, but the biggest being a better representation of the many great and powerful African Kingdoms throughout history.