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Why Are Game Developers Removing Their Games From Nvidia GeForce Now? Are They Really Just Greedy Devs?

So a few days ago, we started hearing game developers remove their games from Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service. Many found it odd since Nvidia isn’t necessarily profiting off these games directly, but instead offers a way for players to play their already established library of games from Steam. So why the sudden pullback?

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Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Going To Be Too Difficult?

So, there’s talk on the…actually I won’t lie, I saw this tweet from Chris Kohler, Feature Editor at Kotaku that made the claim that Final Fantasy 7’s boss “the Scorpion” was too challenging to deal with. I poked fun at it on Twitter but afterwards I started thinking about it more and realized that we may see an influx of this sentiment from people within the gaming industry.