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I Fear That The PS5 & Xbox Series X May Get Delayed To 2021 Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic!

With supply chains all over the world seemingly coming to a halt, my gut feeling is telling me that we may not see the PS5 or the Xbox Series until 2021 due to the impact the coronavirus has had over the past few weeks. That, and some analysts are saying the same thing.

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Lets Discuss MatPat’s Latest Game Theorists Coronavirus Video & The Reaction That Came From It!

First off, yes! Yes, it is a slow news/discussion day for sure! However secondly, I wanted to discuss how people have reacted towards MatPat’s latest video, it which he discusses the Coronavirus in a well, let’s say not the most tasteful approach given the current circumstances. I also wanted to highlight the slight hypocrisy of everyone else.