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So The Specs For The PS5 Has Come Out & It’s Quite Impressive…If You Don’t Own A High-End PC!

Listen, as a PC owner it’s quite difficult for me to get truly hyped for a next gen console, especially when I know that my PC is already two generations ahead. Still, I’m still excited to see what PS exclusives will take advantage of this new powerhouse system. […]


Now Is The Time For African Game Developers To Take Charge & Create AAA Games Based Around Africa’s Bountiful Cultures, History & Mythology!

You know, with games like Ghost of Tsushima, Conquers’s Blade, Anno 1800, The Witchers, Red Dead Redemption and Total war: Three Kingdoms, they all share something in common. All of these games are based on strong cultures from various countries/continent. Themes that we’ve seen, time and time again. […]