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Dragon Ball Fusions 3DS: All Fusions Currently Known To Date

Dragon Ball Fusions is an upcoming game being in development for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. It features the ability for players to fuse varies Dragon Ball characters which is part of the selling point for the game. Over the past couple of months, scans of confirmed fusion have been posted on the Internet and I’ve have gone out of my way to gather them all for your viewing pleasure….

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What Exactly Is Death Stranding – A Game Developed By Hideo Kojima

Ever since I saw that E3 trailer, my mind has been puzzled by what this game (if it is a game) might be all about. I mean it’s so damm strange when you look at it for the first time. You see a naked Norman Reedus, a baby which suddenly disappears, dead sea creatures, symbolic imagery, and flying beings hovering above the sky…..