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This New Apex Legends By Respawn Entertainment’s Looks Boring & Generic To Me!

So after days of leaks about this game and a hyped up stream, we finally got our world premiere of Respawn’s next big title project, Apex Legends! Like many of you out there, I’m sure you imagined a battle royale game with Titanfall’s crazy movements and…well Titans. Well, instead of that we got this boring and quite frankly, generic looking battle royale game that from the 14 minute gameplay uploaded, didn’t bring anything new to the already saturated BR market.

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Where Are We Suing, Boys? Celebrities Are Really Out Here Suing FORTNITE Over Dance Emotes!

You know when Donald Faison, the actor who played Christopher Duncan Turk, M.D. in Scrubs, commonly referred to by his last name “Turk” expressed his dissatisfaction with Epic Games and threatened to sue the company because his famous dance, known as “Turk Dance” was used in Fortnite without proper credit, which has gotten so popular that people weren’t even remembering it right anymore, we all laughed. Well, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro is now suing the creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K for using his famous dance in their games and it snowballed from there.

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Fortnite Did NOT Deserve Nor Was It Qualified To Win The Golden Joysticks Awards For “Ultimate Game of The Year 2018”!

I’ll be honest with you, I actually couldn’t think of any other thing to talk about aside from this atrocity and since I’ve been thinking about how Fortnite, game that came out in 2017, was able to win an award for 2018, I figured I’ll talk about it. The Golden Joysticks may have thought that because Fortnite is such an international sensation that they could make an exception but that undermines the entire point of the award in the first place and robs other games the opportunity to win, which I simply can’t agree with it. 

Is Fortnite The “Be All, End All” Of Gaming?

There is no denying that Fortnite is currently the most popular game of this year. It has gotten so damm popular that schools have had to exclude the game from their WiFi. Because of this, many believe that nothing will ever top the game’s success and it has cemented itself  as the top uncontested game of existence. Well I don’t really agree with this idea.