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Marvel Writer Dan Slott Says “Fuck You” To Comic Book Fans Who May Decide To Vote For Trump Again!

So Marvel writer Dan Slott effectively just told a huge portion of its fanbase to go fuck themselves if they go and vote for Trump again. I mean, I feel like you’d lose your job if you told your potential customers to go fuck themselves but I guess Dan Slott is immune to that rule. Seriously, I’m reading the headline of this blog and I still can’t believe it happened.

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Will The Fantastic Four Be Depicted As Their True Iconic Nuclear Family Persona In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

You know, it’s kinda sad that this question in the title of the blog is the very first question that some of us in the comic book/ MCU community has (whether internally or externally) now have to to ask when talking about the Fantastic Four after being announced to be coming to the MCU Phase 4. Will they be a straight, white, nuclear family, or is Marvel going to go full progressive on their fantastic butts?