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Robert Pattinson: Is He Trolling Batman Fans Or Is He Dead Serious In His Quest To Re-Define The Batman?

Robert Pattinson, the man whose name has been met with all types of resistance and support ever since he got the role as Batman. I haven’t been following him like that and to be fair, I’m not familiar with his personality. However, I have noticed that in the past few months he’s been deliberately saying things that have gotten under the skin of many fans and his latest comment has even me! The question now is, is he trying to separate himself from Ben Affleck’s Batman, like how Joaquin Phoenix redefined the Joker or does he really not care about the role of Batman?

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What Kind Of Next-Gen Leap Should We Expect From The PS5 & Xbox Series X?

It’s kinda funny really! With all these talks of next-gen consoles being PS5 and Xbox Series X, I neglected to ask myself what type of next-gen leap should I expect from these consoles? I mean, should we expect to see higher fidelity in graphics, or is time to finally say goodbye to 30FPS and see games embrace full 60FPS?

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The Last Of Us 2 Was Originally Delayed Indefinitely For A Reason, Then It Went Gold! Is This A Cause For Concern?

I hate to be that guy but The Last Of Us 2 was originally delayed indefinitely for a reason. Prior to all of this, a part of me took it as them wanting to polish the game further. Yeah, we had the Covid-19 pandemic, but most game dev delayed their game for a month to two months at least, I don’t recall anyone indefinitely delaying their game indefinitely because of the pandemic. After the leak to place, next thing you know, it turns gold.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd?