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The Fan Petition To Remake The Final Season Of Game of Thrones Because Of Daenerys Is Idiotic!

OK, I know that Game of Thrones Season 8 was clearly rushed and as a result of that turned out bad in general, nevertheless, to petition for a re-shooting or remake of an entire season of GoT, we’re talking about 10 hours+ worth of content here, all because Daenerys burned down a kingdom and didn’t develop the way you wanted her to develop (among other stuff in that episode) is damm near idiotic.

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Daenerys’s Actions In GoT SEASON 8, EPISODE 5 Was Wrong, But Not Totally Out Of Character!

OK, this episode really pulled some surprise gut punches at everyone that watched it last night. Daenerys action in Game of thrones season 8 episode 5 was probably the most talked about event that broke the camel’s back for most people but for me it seemed in line with her character.