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#MeToo Resurgence & Cancel Culture! The Mindset Of “Believe All Woman” Is Not Logical!

Over the past few days, we have seen a rise of women coming forward with their #MeToo experience in various industries. As expected, everyone instantly believed all the women that came forward without waiting for an actual investigation and/or provided facts or evidence! It’s basically a second wave of the #MeToo movement, well sort off!

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Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Glorifying Mass Murdering? Is It Really Going Lead People Into Sympathizing With Killers & Terrorist?

So, this was something that I had no clue about until a few hours ago. As it turns out, a lot of people online are fearful that the new DC Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix is somehow going to make people sympathize with actually individuals who go out of their way to commit mass shooting and terrorist attacks.

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Cancel Culture Is A Dangerous Virus That Has Unfortunately Penetrated Too Deeply Into Our Digital Age Lifestyle!

Cancel Culture, a term that is often thrown around without a second thought. It’s happened time and time again, and it all instances result in someone’s livelihood been destroyed justly or unjustly. When you ask someone about what they think of this phenomenon that is cancel culture, you’ll get a polarizing response. It’s not unanimous, and that’s the biggest problem with it. It gives this surreal amount of power to a mass of irresponsible flock, and it all starts with one Shepherd making the call.