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Boruto’s Fate: Is He The One Who Destroys The Village?

So the latest Boruto chapter, Chapter 46 finally explained how the Karma works and what it means for Boruto. However, I feel like the chapter also answered a question once asked a long time ago and that’s Boruto’s eye being the cause for his anguish and home’s destruction. Now, I’m theorizing here so nothing I’m saying is to be taken literally. It’s just for fun and to explore a possible possibility to how the Boruto story might play out!

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Naruto’s Legacy Been Tarnished By Boruto’s Manga? Is It Just Me Or Is BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS Manga Making Naruto Look Weaker?

I’ve been reading the BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS manga at an on and off basis, jumping in once a few chapters starts rolling out. And what I’ve learned from my time reading the manga is that one, I force myself to read this manga, and two, why is Naruto portrayed at such a weaker state?