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Koshin Koji Might Really Be Jiraiya!! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 28: Flowers – Review

It’s really starting to look like Koshin Koji might actually be Jiraiya Sensei from the Hidden Leaf village. Back then, I just took it as a rumour but with this latest manga chapter 28 of Boruto: Next Generation, it’s getting really hard to deny the facts.

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Could Naruto’s Over-Working Be The Cause For His Down Fall Against Kawaki?

If there’s one theme that’s clear as day when watching Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, it’s that Naruto became an workaholic. And as a fan who has watch this man grow up from an annoying brat to the seventh Hokage, only to see him in the state that he’s in, it’s kinda depressing. It also got me thinking that maybe his compulsively tendency to overwork could possibly have given Kawaki the chance he needed to take out or worse…kill Naruto.