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When Did A Movie Succeeding/Failing Become A Symbol For Political Victory!

I had my fun poking at the whole Bird of Prey vs Sonic nonsense on Twitter but now, I think we need to start having a big look at ourselves and ask, how we got to a stage where movies that are meant for escapism, now became tools to fight this political war that ends up hurting everyone.

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The True Reason Why Birds of Prey Bombed At The Box Office!

Bird of Prey recently allegedly bombed during its opening weekend and everyone and their mama have speculated on why it failed so much. Well, not everyone! I haven’t yet so here’s my spicy take. It’s the media and, to an extent Ewan McGregor’s fault that this movie failed so much. Heck, I could even argue that Youtubers played a hand at making the situation even worse for DC. Yep!