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Hunter’s Arena: Legends : A 60 Players Battle Royal Where You Can Experience All Of MMORPG’s Contents In A 30 Mins Match!

Once again, I’ve stumbled upon something unique on the scene. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a 60 Players Battle Royal in which you can experience all the content you’ve enjoyed in MMORPGs within a 30 minute match. So that means, within a 30 min span, you’ll have to survive other players, fend off  20 bosses and 10,000 monsters and ultimately be the last man standing.

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SPELLBREAK – A Magic Based RPG Battle Royale Game That Actually Looks Interesting!

Spellbreak is a new battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat. Now, I’m not to crazy when it comes to these types of battle royale games, as most of the are just to catch in on the hype of Fortnite and PUBG, but since I am a fan of elemental based games, I figured I’d give this game the benefit of the doubt…for now.

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Dying Light’s New “Bad Blood” Multiplayer Mode Just Might Be What I’ve Been Looking

If you’ve played the original Dying Light, then you know how amazing and frightening the game was three years ago.Heck it’s still scary today. It took the already exhausted zombie gimmick and made it feel fresh again, so when I heard (2 months later) that there’s a new mode, a multiplayer mode to be precise, coming for Dying Light called “Bad Blood”, I knew I had to look into it.