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Ashes Of Creation: A Broken Promise?

One of the MMO’s that I have personally been looking forward to seeing is Ashes of Creation, a unique take on the MMO experience in which the world structure is built to be dynamic and react to the actions of players, creating a unique experience. However, over the last two years, I can’t say I’m impressed with what I’ve observed with Intrepid Studios. With a lot of their attention seemingly going to this battle royale game called Apocalypse that nobody asked for, hidden under the guise of “testing for main MMO components”, I gotta ask, did we get scammed?

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Ashes of Creation – A Year Later! How Has The MMO Game Evolved Over The Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Ashes of Creation, a unique take on the MMO experience. When it comes new MMO’s I’m always skeptical, especially if it’a an MMO that’s trying to do something new. Most of the time, it tends to fail, I couldn’t tell you why but that’s just the reality of it. Which has led to many people believing that the end of the MMO era is almost upon us. However, I began seeing more and more buzz for Ashes of Creation creep up so i decided to reignite my hype and see what the buzz is all about.