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Got Something You Wanna Share? Guest Write For Us!

So you managed to escape the village, with some valuable Intel worth sharing with the world huh? Well, what are you waiting for? Send them our way!


Articles submitted for consideration should be interesting to readers of the geek culture. The piece should be authentic, thought-provoking & engage the user into a discussion! We looking for stories by contributors who are knowledgeable about their specific area, which can be anything from video games, anime, movies, comics, or technology. Basically, a true enthusiast with a strong passion for these sectors. Reviews are fine too!


Submitted articles should generally be between 300 and 900 words.

We unfortunately cannot offer to pay for contributed stories! It is to be understood that this is a voluntary contribution to the site.

Send via email complete, unpublished articles only, intended strictly for OmniGeekEmpire!


Submissions are reviewed approximately once a week. If you don’t receive a response within one week of submitting, it’s safe to assume that your piece was not selected for publication. We’re unable to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication. Repeated spamming of the same work will not increase the likelihood of a story been published.

For stories we do choose to publish:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Articles may or may not be promoted across our newsletters and via our social feeds.

OmniGeekEmpire requests that contributed stories should remain exclusive to our site for three to five business days, after that, it may be reprinted in part or in full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on OmniGeekEmpire.

To contribute now, fill out the form below with your complete, unpublished story in the comment section!

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