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Is The Last Of Us 2 Alleged Story An Attack On Christianity & Championing SJW?

Look, ever since the Last of Us 2 leak came out, there’s been a raging debate on the premise of the story! Is it a perverted SJW fanfic? Does it attack Christianity? The truth might shock. Now I don’t know what you’d consider spoiler so if you don’t want to be accidentally spoiled, leave now. I’m not gonna actively try to spoil the Last of Us 2 of course, but I really don’t know what constitutes a spoiler for most people.

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Last Of Us 2 Leaked & Reveals Massive Story Spoilers! However, The Alleged Cause For This Leak Is More Interesting!

One of the most, and I mean THE most anticipated games by PS4 gamers is Last of Us 2. So when the game was delayed indefinitely due to novel coronavirus, it didn’t sit with many fans. So you can imagine how they must feel now with major leaks about the story making rounds online, with so sight as to when the game might be released. We’re talking actual cutscenes, details about game modes, which consequently confirms an early leak about the game. However, it’s how the leak came about that made it that much more interesting.

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Windbound – Brave The Storm: A Beautiful Rogue-like 3rd-Person Survival Adventure!

Windboud was annouced nealry three weeks ago, and with everything that has been happening in the world. It slipped past my radar (as has many more games I’m interested in) and honestly I like what they’re going with this game. Windbound reminds of Breath of the Wild in a lot of ways, while also giving off this RUST vibe of survival.

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Blue Fire – A Sharp Platformer Where You Travel Through The Perished World Of Penumbra!

One thing I like about this era of gaming is that we keep getting all these new forms of gaming like Blue Fire in a time of back to back remakes (not that I’m hating, still waiting on that Sonic Adventure remake), and this game is no exception.

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An Overheating PS5 Is Definitely Not What Sony Needs Right Now!

In my last blog, I talked about how I feel that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X would be a bit more costly than their previous generation, now I’m hearing that the PS5 not only will cost folks $500 – $550 but with the added pandemic and rumoured overheating, things aren’t looking too good for PlayStation.