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The True Reason Why Birds of Prey Bombed At The Box Office!

Bird of Prey recently allegedly bombed during its opening weekend and everyone and their mama have speculated on why it failed so much. Well, not everyone! I haven’t yet so here’s my spicy take. It’s the media and, to an extent Ewan McGregor’s fault that this movie failed so much. Heck, I could even argue that Youtubers played a hand at making the situation even worse for DC. Yep!

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Black Sands Entertainment Raises Over $380,000 In Investment In Less Than Two Weeks! Offers Shares Of Its Business To Fans!

Black Sands Entertainment, the popular independent black content developers in the nation (USA to be precise) has recently begun rounds of investments on Wefunder to allow fans and investors who believe in their work to invest and make the company a reality.

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Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Series Is Going To Be Bad! Terribly Bad!

You know, at first I thought proclaiming that Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Series is going to be bad without first seeing it in action is a wild stretch and to be honest, somewhat unfair. Then, I remembered Netflix’s Death Note and my affirmative stance for my claim became that much more stronger. They will never be able to do this anime justice!

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Could Movie Sonic Replace Modern Sonic As The New Standard For The Blue Blur To Help Deal With His Identity Crisis?

This is something I never gave any thought to until a few days ago! As I surf the internet in search of new things to talk about as I do, I started coming across various YouTube videos of people discussing the possibilities of Movie Sonic being used as the new face of Sonic, and their argument for it are quite compelling.

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Stephen King’s Oscar Diversity Statement About Nomination Is Interesting! It Caused Criticism But He Ain’t Wrong!

Look, I re-read this man’s tweet more times than I’d care to admit, and if I’m being honest, I can’t find a single thing he said that was out of place. It seems to be that his tweets suggest that we should promote diversity based on quality and that considering diversity in matters of art hinders, undervalues and degrades the person who made the art, which makes sense.