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Sonic vs Birds of Prey Proves That Certain “Fans” Don’t Care About The Source Material Of Either Films!

I tried so much to avoid talking about this Sonic vs Birds of Prey nonsense for so long, as this type of behavior is not something I condone, but it’s getting out of hand. Instead of celebrating that we got not only a good Sonic movie for kids to enjoy, but we also got a second great video game adaptation too.

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The True Reason Why Birds of Prey Bombed At The Box Office!

Bird of Prey recently allegedly bombed during its opening weekend and everyone and their mama have speculated on why it failed so much. Well, not everyone! I haven’t yet so here’s my spicy take. It’s the media and, to an extent Ewan McGregor’s fault that this movie failed so much. Heck, I could even argue that Youtubers played a hand at making the situation even worse for DC. Yep!

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Doctor Strange 2’s Director Scott Derrickson Leaving The Multiverse Of Madness Raises Concern For The Future Of This Sequel!

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding Dr. Strange: Multiverse Of Madness, so I decided to take a deeper look into it. I learned that Director Scott Derrickson had walked away from the movie after creative differences, aka shit went south!