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Fire Force Episode 20 – Wearing His Pride Review

Alright, things are heating up as Company 8 continues to face off against the Evangelist. Hinawa comes upon an abandoned subway station, where he gets into a shootout with Arrow. Right after that. Arthur and Mirage find themselves in a rematch, as Arthur gets the chance to put the training he received from Benimaru and Konro to the test.

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Fire Force Episode 19 – Into the Nether Review

Sorry for the late review, I’ve…shit I won’t lie, I just haven’t been motivated for a bit. However, we’re here now so let’s get right into it shall we? Fire Force Episode 19 – Into the Nether starts off with Licht’s analysis of the attack on Vulcan’s workshop, which revealed that the Evangelist’s men have been in the “Nether,” the area beneath Tokyo.