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Edens Zero Manga Chapter 1 – In a Sakura-Filled Sky: First Impression – Fairy Tail In Space!?!

I remember a while back I said that I was personally done with reading manga for the moment so that I could enjoy watching Anime in all its blissfulness. However, I have broken that promise momentarily so that I could read Hiro Mashima latest manga work, Edens Zero. With all the talk about the creator of Fairy Tail ripping off his own series, I had to see for myself just how bad it really was, and surprisingly it’s just as we feared and also not as we feared.

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Why I’ve Chosen To Stop Reading Manga!

Manga are comics created in Japan by creators in the Japanese language, often regarded as the true vision of how the creator envisioned their story to play out. When a manga gets popular enough, it is often then turned into an anime for fans to consume. However, sometimes the anime adaptations tends to go their own direction and creates its own story separate from the manga itself. It’s one of the reason why fans tend to advocate for people to read the original source materials to see how the creator wanted you to see it. Despite knowing this, I still opted to stop reading manga for a number of reasons.

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The Real Reason Why Vegeta Lost To Hit the Assassin Has Been Revealed!

Ever since Vegeta lost his fight against Hit in the anime during the Universal Tournament, fans have come to speculate and argued that Goku is once again the strongest among the two, however the manga version of Dragon Ball Super finally gave an explanation that should end the debate once and for all…